Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I will survive

My biggest question before Elena was born was, "How am I going to handle two kids?" Well for the first 6 weeks I had my Mom with me since I couldnt really get around and I wasnt able to lift Patrick. She was still accompanying me on major shopping trips or Jesus was since I hadnt had the opportunity to do it on my own yet. Well this week my mom is in Idaho and anything that I need to do, I have to do on my own. So yesterday, I needed to run a few errands and I packed up the kids and ventured out. I went 5 different places and then home again and both of my children were still alive and with me by the time we were done. So I have discovered that I can be the mother of two and I can actually still go out and do things that I normally did. I just need to do it early before they are both cranky.

Now, I have to apologize to my sweet husband for not blogging about his birthday. His birthday was on the the 10th, which was also the same day as Shannon Royers funeral so we were kind of sad for the most part of the day but we went out to dinner with good friends and he opened some good presents (I hope) of Legos Indiana Jones for the Wii and I framed his certificate from Cal state so he could hang it up in his office. Then I made him a Lemon Jello poke cake with white chocolate glaze. It was pretty tasty. Well anyway, I love you honey and I hope you had a wonderful birthday and I promise to make it a big blog next year!!

Here is a picture of Patrick who has to say cheese everytime the camera comes out. I also got some great pictures of Elena and one of both of them.

Sara got these pictures when she was here the weekend the girls were blessed.

I have to say, just like in my random 7 things, that I love Elena's belly button. Isnt it cute??
Here is her buddah belly, I love it!

Our cheesey self picture but finally a good one of both of us.

I bought these wings at a fabric/craft store and I really wanted her to wear them for pictures while she was on her stomach but they wont stay. So this is what I came up with instead. Isnt she pretty?

I finally got some pictures of her smiling. She loves to smile and talk to the ceiling and the fan.


Johnsons Away said...

Those pictures are just too cute. Happy Birthday to Jesus :)