Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ok I need advice...

Alrighty, when Patrick was born he was breech and I had no choice but to have a c-section. This time its my choice (unless she decides to be breech also). Also when I had Patrick I was unable to have a spinal block because the anesthesiologist couldnt get the tube in between my vertebrae because they are too close together but believe me he tried. He then decided to give me an epidural which didnt work. They told me I would start to feel numb but it never happened so instead they just put me under for the procedure. I did end up with 13 needle pricks in my back (I told you he tried). I am wanting to get opinions on whether or not I should do V-bac or a c-section again. Here are my reasons for both:

Pros V-bac - I would probably enjoy the healing more quickly afterwards and being able to do more after right after having the baby
-I would like to not stay in the hospital for 2 nights which you have to do when you have a c-section because I feel bad having my mom watch Patrick for two nights
-I would like to actually experience child birth and be there when the baby is first born which I cant do if Im asleep on the operating table

Cons V-bac - Im not sure I could actually handle the pain of the contractions. I have never felt them before since he was born a week early. So if I wanted an epidural or spinal block, I couldnt get one because as we know from last time, they dont work for me. ( I know you moms who did it without pain killers are laughing right now)
-I hate waiting, with the c-section I can schedule the exact date and every one knows when the baby will be here and can schedule their travel plans accordingly.
-There is a small chance that my incision could open back up again during the labor due to pressure of the baby and my labor would be considered high risk and watched very close.
-30% of women who have v-bacs do not deliver successfully and require a c-section
Pros c-section - I have already done it and know what to expect and could possibly make things easier this time by what I learned last time
-I healed rather quickly last time, as soon as I got out of bed. By 3 days I was good and walking around fine.
-I already have the scar on my stomach, why risk getting an episiotomy and get another scar and stitches somewhere else when I already have a huge one someplace else.
-Being in the hospital the extra days would help me get more rest before I have to go home and learn how to take care of 2 children and I can get help from the nurses if I have questions or something unexpected comes up.
-I really do like knowing when the baby will come especially because I am scheduled for August 26 which gives our kids birthdays in two separate months and she would be born a week earlier than my due date which is 3 days before Patricks birthday. I would hate to have birthdays in the same week or on the same day!
Cons c-section - See V-bac pros, also I felt bad that Jesus had to sleep on that uncomfortable chair/bed for two nights.

I originally signed that I would do V-bac but changed my mind and signed up for cesarean. Jesus wants me to have a cesarean and my sister says its a good idea. She just graduated from microbiology and knows a lot about health stuff. I have been torn lately because I want to make it easy on everyone and myself and I dont really know both ways to have a baby. Please help me and thank you for reading my rambling.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Oh yeah I forgot!!

Im sorry I totally forgot to post anything about Jesus's second audition. Thanks Carla! Jesus drove down to Culver city on Tuesday to audition a second time for Deal or No Deal. He got to meet Howie for just a second because there were so many people there. Well he was there for about 3 hours and he just basically had to tell about himself, I guess they wanted to see if he was energetic enough to actually be on the show. He also had to fill out a 13 page application with some weird questions like make up a rhyme or rap and draw a self portrait. It was fun to read when he was done. Well before he left they told him that it will take 2 months to a year to find out if he is going to be on the million dollar show and 2 weeks to like 3 months to find out if he will be on the syndicated show that they are starting during the day and the highest you can win is 250,000 dollars. So we are just going to have to wait. We have already talked about it and decided that if he gets on the show we are not going to be greedy, we just need enough to pay off school loans and then we can put a down payment on a house. I dont think we could win the million because no one ever has. We just need like $200,000.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Strawberry Festival

What a glorious day!!! Today we all packed up our cars and drove to Oxnard to the California Strawberry Festival. We went two years ago when I was pregnant with Patrick and this year he got to go with us. We prepared for hot weather and boy was it hot. It wasnt too bad but we didnt stay very long. Mom drove up with Jesus, Patrick and I, and Cory and Stephanie and Caleb took their car. When you first walk in through the gate they have all the Budweiser Clydesdale's all lined up in pens in a tent and we watched these guys braiding ribbons into their manes. Next we headed to the food. Here is a photo of Patrick with his foamy red Strawberry hat. As we were walking through, Jesus saw a sign saying Deal or No Deal Auditions and he went over to see how long the line was. They said it would be a 30 minute wait and I could tell he really wanted to audition so I told him to go ahead and we would find somewhere to eat. The whole place is filled with food booths and craft booths and people selling the most amazing things. And there are Strawberries everywhere!! You can have Strawberry Nachos, Strawberry pizza, Strawberry salsa and the food is all really good. There is a band stand and bungee jumps. Its crazy!! Well we found a nice shady spot and parked it for a while. Mom, Stephanie, Patrick and I went to get something to eat while Cory and Caleb waited. We got some hot dogs and french fries (Patricks fave) and went to enjoy our lunch. Mom got this great Strawberry smoothie that Patrick loved. Here is a picture of his Strawberry face. Jesus came back and told us that he got a second audition for this upcoming Tuesday. He has to drive back to Culver city for the audition. He couldnt stop talking about it the rest of the day. We walked through the crafts for a little while and I found some stuff I really liked but I resisted and didnt buy anything. The last thing we did before we left is we went over to the Strawberry Shortcake tent (my favorite kind of tent) and made up our own big Strawberry Shortcakes. They were so good I inhaled the one that Jesus and I were supposed to be sharing. We made it back to the car and both the boys were pooped. Patrick actually fell asleep before we got out of the parking lot. We decided to head to the beach for a little fun. It was way cooler there. There was a nice breeze and the weather was perfect. Patrick and Jesus headed for the water first and we found out that Patrick was afraid of the waves. So he spent most of his time playing in the sand and getting dirty. Caleb loved the water and couldnt stay out of it.

Cute little Randall Family!!!He even wiped out once and he just kept running back in. I think Stephanie was more worried about it than he was. We flew Calebs kite that he got for his birthday and we even found a jelly fish on the beach. Patrick, Jesus and Cory had a great time digging in the sand and Cory dug this great hole for the kids to play in. Of course Jesus had to have a turn. I even got a picture of Patrick trying to bury his dad. I did get a picture of Jesus and Patrick in the hole nano seconds before the waves came in and filled the hole and got them both wet. Jesus was pretty distraught because he had his iPhone in his pocket and it isnt working now. Here are just some random pics of the rest of the beach fun.
Patrick and GrandmaIt was a wonderful day except for the whole iPhone thing, and the fact that Jesus got fried even though I did tell him several times to put sunblock on. I got pretty sunburned too on my chest and a little on my arms and legs but I had sunblock on so you can imagine how badly Jesus is suffering. I dont know if it will be as fun next year with two kids but we'll see. We will let you know how Jesus's audition goes and who knows, maybe we will get to meet Howie Mandell and win a million dollars!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Forgot to post this

Ok I totally forgot to post this picture, I think.....forgive me if I did. I took this on April first when I was around 5 months prego and I wanted to commemorate my halfway mark. I felt bad last time I was pregnant because I only took like two pictures the entire time. I am now 6 months prego and I will be sure to take pictures soon.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Super Mom

So I just had to post something about my accomplishment lately. It may not seem like a big deal to some but to me its a big deal. I think my Mom is pretty proud of me too. I have never been a very clean person. Not with like hygiene or anything but I could never keep my room clean when I was young and even when I got older and had a job and was going to college. My Mom is very clean and would teach us every Saturday to do our chores to keep the house clean. Well when Jesus and I got married things didnt really change because I was working full time and he was working and going to school so it was both of our responsibility to keep our small apartment clean but by the time we both got home we were always too tired to do anything. Well until recently I hadnt quite figured out how to keep things clean while trying to take care of Patrick. I dont know what happened but I think I decided that it was important for me to teach Patrick how important it was to keep things tidy and I always felt bad when Jesus would come home from a hard day to a messy house. I would rush to clean up as much as I could about a half an hour before he came home so it wouldnt look so bad but it didnt make that much of a difference. Well for the past two weeks I have kept our apartment clean!!!! I mean floor picked up, kitchen clean, even our bedroom has been clean with the bed made (most of the time, I take naps during the day and it seems pointless to make the bed). I have felt so good about it that I think I am now in the habit of just picking up after everything. I always make sure the kitchen is clean before I go to bed and it feels pretty good to wake up to a clean kitchen. Now I know what my Mom was talking about all this time. I feel like a super mom!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Nothing to blog

I have felt the need to post something but there is nothing going on worth posting. So I am just pulling stuff out of the air, isnt that sad? Well first I thought I would post a picture of our new furniture which we got last month but since it was the craziest month ever I didnt really think about it. We love it! It makes our place feel more like home and I can actually take a nap on our couch!
The next step is to hang stuff on the wall and hopefully find a nice entertainment Armiore for our TV and all our game stuff. And we really need the movies and cd's out of Patricks eye sight.The next is our baby girl expected on August 26th. I already have a small collection of little girl outfits. Some were bought by my Mom after the ultra sound, some were bought by Shelly Moreno, Jesus's mom, and one dress is from my Aunt Helen who surprised me by putting the dress into my luggage before we left Utah. I was so happy when I saw it because it was the dress I was looking at in the baby Gap at the mall. I also bought her a silky blanket at Target the other day. I couldnt help myself. I had yet to buy anything and I was just too excited. Patrick cant live without his silky blankets so I figured that she would definitely need one.And last but not least, yesterday both my boys were having a bad day. Jesus was having a bad day at work and at school and Patrick was just having a hard day for some reason. He would not take a nap even though I know he was exhausted (he did end up falling asleep in my lap). So I made some yummy cupcakes for the fun of it. I made cupcakes for the first time last week for enrichment and I was so proud of myself for not burning them so I decided to use them to cheer up my guys. We also got a little something else for Mothers Day and Fathers Day combined that we knew we would enjoy.Yeah we even bought an extra steering wheel control so we could race and battle. When we first bought the Wii all I really wanted was Mario Kart because I remember playing it on our Super Nintendo when we were younger. It was probably our favorite game to play as brothers and sisters. We are planning on having tournaments with those of you that would like to come over and play this awesome game. We look like retards steering these wheels all over the room but it is sooooo much fun. Sar you know you want to play it when you come.