Friday, May 23, 2008

Oh yeah I forgot!!

Im sorry I totally forgot to post anything about Jesus's second audition. Thanks Carla! Jesus drove down to Culver city on Tuesday to audition a second time for Deal or No Deal. He got to meet Howie for just a second because there were so many people there. Well he was there for about 3 hours and he just basically had to tell about himself, I guess they wanted to see if he was energetic enough to actually be on the show. He also had to fill out a 13 page application with some weird questions like make up a rhyme or rap and draw a self portrait. It was fun to read when he was done. Well before he left they told him that it will take 2 months to a year to find out if he is going to be on the million dollar show and 2 weeks to like 3 months to find out if he will be on the syndicated show that they are starting during the day and the highest you can win is 250,000 dollars. So we are just going to have to wait. We have already talked about it and decided that if he gets on the show we are not going to be greedy, we just need enough to pay off school loans and then we can put a down payment on a house. I dont think we could win the million because no one ever has. We just need like $200,000.


Just The Three Of Us said...

That sounds like so much fun! I think I need to audition for the show!!! We could definfitely use some cash!!! Thanks for all of your tips! They are going to come in handy!! and yes, there is something that I havent metioned...I am expecting!! It feels like its the first, just cause it has been so long!! i am 10 weeks!! So how are you feeling?

Lindeyjepson said...

thats cool that he did that! how have you been? I see that you have another little one on the way! congrats! I keep on thinking thats it's time for another one (meg will be 4 soon) but I keep chickening out!