Thursday, May 8, 2008

Nothing to blog

I have felt the need to post something but there is nothing going on worth posting. So I am just pulling stuff out of the air, isnt that sad? Well first I thought I would post a picture of our new furniture which we got last month but since it was the craziest month ever I didnt really think about it. We love it! It makes our place feel more like home and I can actually take a nap on our couch!
The next step is to hang stuff on the wall and hopefully find a nice entertainment Armiore for our TV and all our game stuff. And we really need the movies and cd's out of Patricks eye sight.The next is our baby girl expected on August 26th. I already have a small collection of little girl outfits. Some were bought by my Mom after the ultra sound, some were bought by Shelly Moreno, Jesus's mom, and one dress is from my Aunt Helen who surprised me by putting the dress into my luggage before we left Utah. I was so happy when I saw it because it was the dress I was looking at in the baby Gap at the mall. I also bought her a silky blanket at Target the other day. I couldnt help myself. I had yet to buy anything and I was just too excited. Patrick cant live without his silky blankets so I figured that she would definitely need one.And last but not least, yesterday both my boys were having a bad day. Jesus was having a bad day at work and at school and Patrick was just having a hard day for some reason. He would not take a nap even though I know he was exhausted (he did end up falling asleep in my lap). So I made some yummy cupcakes for the fun of it. I made cupcakes for the first time last week for enrichment and I was so proud of myself for not burning them so I decided to use them to cheer up my guys. We also got a little something else for Mothers Day and Fathers Day combined that we knew we would enjoy.Yeah we even bought an extra steering wheel control so we could race and battle. When we first bought the Wii all I really wanted was Mario Kart because I remember playing it on our Super Nintendo when we were younger. It was probably our favorite game to play as brothers and sisters. We are planning on having tournaments with those of you that would like to come over and play this awesome game. We look like retards steering these wheels all over the room but it is sooooo much fun. Sar you know you want to play it when you come.


Sarfer said...

You know I do.

The Carlson's said...

Uh....I wanna play! I have played every mario kart they have come out with! My family has Game Cube Mario Kart tournaments all the time! sign us up!