Monday, April 28, 2008

All Gradiated

We're back!!! To celebrate Sara's graduation from BYU Provo we decided to go to Utah and hang with the family. We had a little debate about how we should get there so we finally decided that we should take an RV. So dad rented an RV from his friend Chips (dads biker group gave him the nickname) and thats how we all traveled. We thought it would be nice to have a space that the boys could run around in and they really liked it.

We didnt leave until after 7:00 pm on Tuesday so it was a late night drive to St. George. I got Patrick to sleep next to me on the couch bed and he went down pretty quickly, but Caleb has a little trouble getting to sleep in strange conditions so Mom finally got him to sleep while holding him in the co-pilot chair as he watched the road. Cory and Stephanie slept in the back on the bed. At one point we all kind of woke up because we thought maybe Dad had fallen asleep and gone off the road because it felt like we were driving across the desert. It turns out the road was bad at that particular stretch of road. We all were awake by then and we decided to stay up and help keep dad awake. By the time we got to St. George it was 3:30 am. We were all pretty tired and didnt get to bed until 4:30. We stayed in my uncle Doug's house so that we could divide up the trip for the sake of all of us.Here are the boys watching Baby Einstein and not crying or fighting

Thursday I dropped Patrick off at his Grandma Shelly's and Grandpa Jesus's house. The last time he saw them was last year when we went to visit them. We were late so I just had to drop him off and say goodbye. He was crying when I left but by the time we got to the graduation I got a text message from Shelly telling me he was fine. I felt so good knowing he was in good hands and happy. On the way to the graduation it was snowing, and anyone who knows me well knows I am terrified of driving in snow and rain. I did pretty well and I dont think I got an ulcer or anything. Thursday's graduation ceremony consisted of listened to speakers and the last speaker was Elder Bednar. His talk was awesome and it felt so good to be there. Friday I dropped off Patrick again and he couldnt have been happier to be there and to spend more time with Grandma and Grandpa.
Friday's ceremony was watching the graduates walk and receive their diplomas. We cheered as loud as we could for Sara. Afterwards I got some great pictures of Sara. We picked up Patrick and met the rest of the family for Pizza in Linden. It was a lot of fun and we decided to do a little shopping afterwards.
Saturday we planned for a brunch with as many of the family as we could get together. Dad made his famous biscuits and gravy. While we were waiting for them to bake, Cory, Stephanie and I went the the distribution center to get some maternity garments for me and I ended up buying my first temple dress. I was so happy I cried in the store. Im a sap I know. Well we went back to Grandma Joys and Grandpa Genes house where we found a lot of family chowing down on Dads great breakfast. We packed up the RV, said goodbye and we left for St. George around 2:00. We got to St. George around 7:00 and had a great dinner at Cafe Rio which has to be my new favorite place to eat. Too bad we dont have any of them in Bakersfield. Well we headed to uncle Doug and aunt Helens house and we went to bed.Here is Patrick wearing Uncle Doug's hat and riding his very own "Motor choo choo", his two favorite things. This was at Uncle Doug and Aunt Helens house on the way home.

Sunday we made our way home, but we stopped in Primm for some buffet for lunch. It wasnt the best buffet but it did its job and filled us up. I got some pictures of the boys on the way home. I didnt really take a lot of pictures on this trip, I dont know why but hopefully Mom and Stephanie will let me have some of their pictures. Its good to be home and I am excited about going back in a few months to stay with the Morenos. Hopefully I take more pictures then.


Dawnelle Anderson said...

You may not have a Cafe Rio in Bakersfield, but at least you have In'N'Out. Eric, Bryson and I love Cafe Rio, but sometimes we just get the craving for In'N'Out.

The Potter Pack said...

Congrats Sarah !! What a great pic of her ... throwing her cap in the air and celebrating her accomplishment !! That must feel GREAT ... man, I need to finish school !!

Tyler & Katy said...

so cute!! That motor choo choo is so cool!