Monday, April 21, 2008

The Happiest Place on Earth

Well, I figured that I should post something about our trip to Disneyland before we leave tomorrow for Utah. Well last year we went when Patrick was 7 months old when couldnt walk or crawl and he didnt really know what was going on. We also happened to go on a day that it was pouring rain. We didnt get into the park until 2:oo so we didnt really get a chance to enjoy anything. I dont think we even saw the parade. They boys were both tired and we ended up going back to the hotel and Mom and Cory watched the boys while Jesus, Stephanie and I went back to watch the fireworks and to ride as many rides as possible. This year was better but it was a little more difficult as Patrick wanted to run wherever he wanted to. So here are some pictures of our fun trip.This is a picture of Patrick and Daddy in line for Mr. Toads wild ride. I was kind of wondering how he would take these little kiddy rides and I didnt even think they would be scary. Well Patrick was ok for the first few minutes but then the ride got to the scary part and he just got this terrible scared face and started yelling "Daddy daddy daddy" I felt so bad and told Jesus to hold him tight. Well after this ride we rode on the Pinocchio ride and he was very nervous as we waited in line. He was saying no and that he wanted out but I assured him that I would hold him and nothing would happen to him. He ended up laying on my shoulder the entire time not even watching what was happening. I felt really bad so we decided to go to Mad Hatters and get him a hat. I think it was worth the 20 dollars.
Next we decided to go on the Tea Cups and doesnt he look excited??!! I think the first two rides made him very nervous, but I figured this one would be ok since he could see everything that was going on even though its spinning around him. He enjoyed it at first and said "Weeeeee" but slowly it looked like he was getting dizzy or sick. I have this video of him slowly losing it.

Isnt that hilarious? Fortunately he didnt throw up. No he saved that for later when Grandma was holding him. After the Tea Cups, we met up with Grandma who had been waiting for Cory Stephanie and Caleb on Main Street. They had decided to stop for lunch outside the park and had lost their phone so we figured we would meet them at the CBIZ luncheon at Big Thunder Ranch. It was great. They had an area roped off for all the CBIZ people (CBIZ is the company I used to work for with Cory and Dad which is where we got the tickets). The food was great and we got to visit with all our friends from the office. We met up with Cory and Stephanie at lunch and from then on we spent the rest of our time together. We rode Pirates of the Caribbean after lunch and I hoped Patrick would be ok on this one. He did get pretty nervous and ended up laying on Jesus and since it was dark he fell asleep for a few minutes. After Pirates we went on the Jungle cruise and the boys loved it. All the animals and water were very interesting. After that we made our way over to the Buzz light year ride. Patrick rode with Daddy and I rode with Grandma. Jesus said that Patrick did get kinda scared, maybe from the noise but he was excited because he got a toy gun at the beginning.Thats the face I was looking for the whole day. Afterwards we had a little snack and let the boys run around. Next was the Dumbo ride. I didnt really want to ride it so Jesus took Patrick. It was a long annoying line and Jesus had had about enough of Patrick trying to get away from him. When they actually got on the ride Patrick cried the whole time. He was terrified and had this horrible scared look on his face every time they came around.I felt bad we made him ride it but now we have all of these fun pictures. I asked him after the ride and if he had fun and he just shook his head. Well we figured that the boys had enjoyed enough rides and we made our way to Main Street to watch the parade. Patrick sat still the whole time and thought all the characters were amazing. I really enjoyed the parade and was glad the boys got to watch it. I got this video of Patrick just waving, unfortunately I took the video sideways. Hey I was tired, but its still pretty funny.

Here are some other pictures we took during the parade.

After the Parade we made our way out of the park and got this picture of me and Patrick. Doesnt he look tired?
We went to the hotel and checked in and while we were unloading mom went to go get pizza for all of us. She was a life saver all day long. Ben and Janae came and met us at the hotel for a few minutes while we ate dinner. The boys went to bed because they were so dang tired. Patrick actually fell asleep while we were all talking and eating. We decided that we wanted to go back to the park and ride as many rides as we could and Mom said she would watch the boys. So Cory, Stephanie, Jesus and I all went back to the park in the cold night air and rode a few rides. We got onto the Haunted mansion pretty quickly and the guy working on the ride scared the crap out of me. I swear I was going to go into labor. He kept coming up behind me and saying creepy things in my ear. We then made our way to Splash Mountain but Stephanie and I read the warning sign that said expectant mothers should not ride. So we sat outside and waited while the boys got wet. We got this very sad picture.
Do you like my nice sunburned chest?? We decided that we should ride the finding nemo ride since it was new and it might be worth it. We waited for about 30 minutes but this couple in front of us kept letting people in with them. There were originally only 4 of them and there ended up being 10 of them. We were really mad because we had to wait the whole time and they only waited maybe 10 minutes. Boo. Stupid crowders. Well by then we were exhausted and decided to head back. We got home around midnight and went to bed immediately. We met up with Ben and Janae in the morning and had breakfast. After that we said goodbye and headed home. Patrick was actually pretty good in the car and fell asleep twice. It made things easier since we hit a lot of traffic on the way home. Well now we are back home and getting ready to leave again. This trip should be interesting since Dad is renting his friends motor home and we are all driving together. Little boys and all. But it will be worth it when we see Sara and she walks across that stage. Well this post has ended up a lot longer than I expected but I hope it depicts how much fun we had.


Connie de said...

What good memories! Like going through childbirth - you forget the bad parts and just remember enough to want to do it again!

Noah's World said...

I miss Disneyland...especially reading your whole trip..hum:((. Glad it was a better year!

Tenille Gates said...

i dunno about little patrick but it looks like YOU had fun @ disneyland ;0) i hope you have a good time in Utahland! Take care

Ashley and Nate said...

I loved these pictures. Patrick is too cute. Its so funny to see how kids react to new stuff. We miss you guys.

The Potter Pack said...

Hey - looked like so much fun ! I have only been to Disneyland once (just last November) and Disneyworld once (as a kid) ... and I do love these magical places !! I wanted to see more belly shots of the two of you - Ali and Steph ... so post some more already !! So happy you are having a girl ... now the pressure is off and you can have many more not hoping for a certain gender ... Love you and Have fun in UT !