Monday, April 18, 2011

Going on a train

For Patricks pre-school field trip we got to ride the train to Hanford and have a picnic. It was a little tough by myself but it was still fun for the kids
I forgot my camera (of course) so all my pictures are with my phone and a little blurry on the train.

When we got there we walked to this park where the Court house is and behind it was this really cool building called the Bastille. All the windows were boarded up but it was awesome.
The kids had a picnic on the back steps of the court house then played for a while. Then we all walked over to the Ice cream shop and walked back to the park to enjoy it. There was an empty fountain, so the kids got in it to eat their ice cream.

It was a really long day but the kids had fun. Patrick loved playing with Walter and they even sat by each other on the way home. Elena was so tired but she couldnt fall asleep on the train because it was so exciting!

Enjoying the weather

Last Tuesday after our work out at the church, and after Patrick got all registered for Kindergarten I decided to take advantage of this great weather and take the kids to the park. The tunnel slide was their favorite and it did some silly things to their hair.

An all girls lunch

While Patrick was at school last Monday I decided Elena and I need some good ol' girl time. I took her to Jack in the Box for some lunch. She was funny to listen to with her goofy little stories and crazy hair.
She liked watching the cars drive by in the drive through, I'm sure it freaked them out.

Going to the Dentist

So part of Patrick registering for Kindergarten was going to the Dentist. I had been meaning to take him for a while but I was worried that our friend Kurt, who is a great pediatric dentist and everyone we know recommends him, and practice wouldnt have take our insurance. Well I called them and of course they didn't. So until we can switch our insurance over I had to find a good dentist to take him to. Well Laura Pollock recommended Dr. Beemer so I called him and luckily they had a cancellation for the next morning. Patrick was very scared and nervous. When we got there they told him he could play video games while he waited which was great because he forgot why he was there and calmed down. We were called back and he got nervous and shy again but the dental assistant was great and very friendly and she made him feel comfortable. They took x-rays and then the dentist came in and checked his teeth and flossed his teeth. He only panicked once while being flossed. He did a great job. But he had to go back the next week for a cleaning.
He was most excited about playing the video games when we went back but he did a great job getting his teeth cleaned but he was much more scared and he needed much more reassurance. He did a great job and I'm glad we don't have to go back till October. But I'm also glad that we got him to the dentist early and hopefully we can keep this up so he realizes the importance of dental health.
He was cold so he got a blanket and he got to wear sunglasses to keep the bright light out of his eyes.