Monday, April 18, 2011

Going on a train

For Patricks pre-school field trip we got to ride the train to Hanford and have a picnic. It was a little tough by myself but it was still fun for the kids
I forgot my camera (of course) so all my pictures are with my phone and a little blurry on the train.

When we got there we walked to this park where the Court house is and behind it was this really cool building called the Bastille. All the windows were boarded up but it was awesome.
The kids had a picnic on the back steps of the court house then played for a while. Then we all walked over to the Ice cream shop and walked back to the park to enjoy it. There was an empty fountain, so the kids got in it to eat their ice cream.

It was a really long day but the kids had fun. Patrick loved playing with Walter and they even sat by each other on the way home. Elena was so tired but she couldnt fall asleep on the train because it was so exciting!