Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another funny conversation

P: Mom, I have good news and bad news
A: Whats the bad news?
P: The bad news is fire (then walks out of the kitchen)
A: (thinking uh oh) Patrick! Whats the good news??? (I found him in the bedroom with his dad and the candles were lit while he was folding laundry, which explains the fire comment.)
P: I dont know ummm..... a ball
A: Oh ok

Its Twins!!

I have never seen this before so I took a picture. I've been debating whether or not its blog worthy. I decided I didnt care and here it is.
I picked the largest egg in the whole carton and when I cracked it open, out came two yokes! Do you care?? Probably not. Oh well.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm in Love

With this guy

The night we got engaged, this was like an hour later

I love him even more than I did 4 years ago. Happy Anniversary, I love you!

Monday, June 22, 2009

How lucky am I?

To have the most wonderful man as the father of my children. I am blessed to have Jesús in my life and to be by my side as we raise our children together. I love you honey, Happy Fathers Day!

The Loves of my Life

Strolling down memory lane

Okay the other day I really wanted to try on my wedding dress, soooooooo....I did. Guess what?? It fits, again. I was so excited. I wanted to try it on one last time before I cut it up to make a baptismal dress for Elena. Oh well, goodbye wedding dress, at least you will be put to good use.

Our Visitors

Jesús has two sisters that were living here in town and had decided they were going to move to Utah. Jesús is working two jobs and wanted to help but couldnt find the time so two of his younger brothers came here to help them pack up, clean and drive back to Utah. Patrick was in heaven because now he could tell them all the things he tells us that we are a little tired of hearing. Plus, we had the air mattress out and he couldnt stay off of it.

Elena loving on Isaac
Proof that we all went to dinner together while Cisco and Sebass were here.
Mom and Dad Moreno, dont they all look happy to be eating together??!!
Patrick being a goof

The kids

Elena is now pulling her self up and starting to walk around with help from the furniture.

She got pigtails. Fun putting them in, torture taking them out, but how cute is she??

Patrick got to use Grandpas helmet for a little while.
Elena got her leg stuck in the crib but fell asleep anyway

Friday, June 19, 2009

Funny Conversation

Patrick: Mom, can you do me a favor?
Me: Sure!
Patrick: Its about dinosaurs. Yeah its about a dinosaur book, my favorite dinosaur book. We should buy one.

Honestly, I have no idea.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Every Morning

This is how I find Elena, of course usually she is happy to see me. She got mad because I went in then ran to get the camera. She pulls the bumper down and sticks one arm out of the bars.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Searching and waiting

Im not sure how many of you know this, but my brother Ben and his wife Janae have finally been approved to adopt a baby and are just waiting for a beautiful baby to come their way. If any of you know of any wonderful people that are giving up their baby, please let us know. We cant wait to finally have a new niece or nephew and to see Ben as a Dad, weird!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blessed beyond measure

We sold our truck!!! It was a a miracle! I found a company online that buys vehicles and they wanted to buy our truck, damage and all. There were a few times we were nervous that he would retract his offer or offer less but the guy we worked with turned out to be very forgiving and bought the truck after all. It was amazing. We were ecstatic. Then the next morning we woke up and we had a lot of extra money in our account. I guess Jesús had one more grant from CSUB that we were supposed to get and we didnt even know it. Now we wont be hurting at the end of the month and we have extra to pay to credit cards and put into savings for a down payment on a house. Ah the blessings of paying tithing. We have truly been blessed.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Where are my Babies??!!!

I look around and all I see is a crazy blond kid getting into everything, and this little girl crawling all over my floor. Who took my Babies???!!!!!!

Pizza Night

Patrick has been very difficult to feed lately. He is a picky eater unfortunately, so it makes our lives a little more difficult to make separate meals. Luckily Elena will pretty much eat anything and hopefully she stays that way. Well we thought that maybe if he helped make the meal he might eat it. Our first try was pizza.
He got his very own apron

Doesnt he look happy to be helping?
Putting on the sauce
In the end, guess how much pizza he ate
Elena on the other hand...
Could not get enough

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Worth the read

If you have noticed, I have a few buttons on the right side of my page. Two of them I probably read the most, CJane and the Nie Nie Dialogs. These two girls are sisters and Nie Nie is the one that was in the private plane crash last August. In reading CJanes I discovered that they also had a brother that had a blog called the Jolly Porter. He is no longer posting to his blog but I decided to go and read his old posts. He is very funny and found my self laughing at almost every post. He reminds me of Dave Barry, my Mom used to read his articles to us in the paper and we would always laugh so hard. So check it out, laugh or dont but I think its worth the read. http://www.thejollyporter.blogspot.com/


So dont watch my dumb videos people! They were funny to me and I liked them. I love Kristin Chenoweth and enjoy all of her performances. But if you did watch the second video, wasnt that guys voice amazing??

Watch both of these, amazing singers

Friday, June 5, 2009

My Scare

We are renting a condo from my friend Shaun and its an amazing place. One thing we never worried about was the locks on the bedroom doors. About a month ago, Patrick locked the bedroom door with us all inside the bedroom and he shut the door. I thought to myself "wow its a good thing we were all in here and he wasnt in here by himself" and I told him not shut anymore doors. Well lately he has had a fascination with shutting all the doors. The rule is to leave all doors open, unless Mommy or Daddy shut them. He hasnt been really good at following this rule and the other day I was in our bathroom getting ready to go out and Patrick and Elena were both in our room with me. Patrick was playing with the door and the lock and I told him to leave it alone. I walked out to answer the phone or something and when I got off the phone, Patrick came up to me and told me he locked the door. I looked up and saw our bedroom door was closed. I immediately panicked and ran to the door. Elena started banging on the door from the inside and when I didnt open it she started screaming. I called Shauns mom who lives a few blocks away, she told me to the hole in the bottom of the doorknob which didnt work, and while I was talking to her Elena stopped crying and fell asleep right inside the door. I called Jesús and told him what was going on and he told me he was on his way home. I called my Mom and asked her to come over. We tried everything! Finally Jesús took the hammer and had to break the doorknob off all the way. We couldnt get the door open because Elena was asleep right next to the door so we had to push her out of the way. Im glad it wasnt in the hot car or something. It was more difficult to listen to her cry, but once she fell asleep I was able to calm down. Patrick was scared and ran in his room. We have been a little more stern on the shutting the doors rule.

Elena in the box

Now that Elena is mobile, she loves exploring. She got into the box and wouldnt get out.

Water Storage

Luckily our kids drink apple juice like its going out of style, and the apple juice jugs are perfect for water storage! So we have been washing them out and filling them up with water and storing them around the house. This is our largest collection. We are storing most of it under Elena's crib but there are several more under the kitchen sink and in the closet. Hopefully we have enough for a small emergency.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Memorial Day Madness

This Memorial Day was probably so far the most memorable. Jesús got up early to help cook for the College Heights Ward breakfast. So since he was there cooking, I took the kids over and we had a fabulous breakfast. Afterwards we dropped the kids off at my Moms house and Jesús took me and my brother Ben and his wife Janae down the River for a little White Water Rafting. It was so much fun!! It was awesome to see Jesús as a guide. And he was the best guide there! He kept us safe the whole time and even though I got nervous a couple times he always made me feel safe. If you want a little adventure go buy tickets at Costco and when you go down, ask for Jesús.
When we got back to Moms we went swimming with the kids. This was Elena's 2nd time in the pool officially but she wouldnt touch the water last time so I count this as the first. She loved it! After she got used to the water that is.

I think she looks so stinkin cute in her swim suit.
Not only was it Memorial Day, but it was also my Dads birthday! So sara made this awesome cupcake flag.
Here we are all getting ready to sing
You have to watch this video, its hilarious, pay attention at the end.

If you look at the flames on the candles, they are different colors. They were sooooo cool!!
Here are the boys enjoying the yummy cupcakes.
I even gave Elena one, here is a progression of pictures of the mess she made.

Sara bought Dad a new Tow hitch for his brand new truck
And Mom made this game with questions about Dad. She just read them off and we shouted out our answers that we knew. Dad has led a facsinating life.