Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Memorial Day Madness

This Memorial Day was probably so far the most memorable. Jesús got up early to help cook for the College Heights Ward breakfast. So since he was there cooking, I took the kids over and we had a fabulous breakfast. Afterwards we dropped the kids off at my Moms house and Jesús took me and my brother Ben and his wife Janae down the River for a little White Water Rafting. It was so much fun!! It was awesome to see Jesús as a guide. And he was the best guide there! He kept us safe the whole time and even though I got nervous a couple times he always made me feel safe. If you want a little adventure go buy tickets at Costco and when you go down, ask for Jesús.
When we got back to Moms we went swimming with the kids. This was Elena's 2nd time in the pool officially but she wouldnt touch the water last time so I count this as the first. She loved it! After she got used to the water that is.

I think she looks so stinkin cute in her swim suit.
Not only was it Memorial Day, but it was also my Dads birthday! So sara made this awesome cupcake flag.
Here we are all getting ready to sing
You have to watch this video, its hilarious, pay attention at the end.

If you look at the flames on the candles, they are different colors. They were sooooo cool!!
Here are the boys enjoying the yummy cupcakes.
I even gave Elena one, here is a progression of pictures of the mess she made.

Sara bought Dad a new Tow hitch for his brand new truck
And Mom made this game with questions about Dad. She just read them off and we shouted out our answers that we knew. Dad has led a facsinating life.


Carla said...

I can't believe how well you guys sing. Pshh.

Connie de said...

We hire out for parties. Give us a call.

Papa Randy said...

Love the picture and the happy birthday song. Happy Birthday Jerry.