Friday, June 5, 2009

My Scare

We are renting a condo from my friend Shaun and its an amazing place. One thing we never worried about was the locks on the bedroom doors. About a month ago, Patrick locked the bedroom door with us all inside the bedroom and he shut the door. I thought to myself "wow its a good thing we were all in here and he wasnt in here by himself" and I told him not shut anymore doors. Well lately he has had a fascination with shutting all the doors. The rule is to leave all doors open, unless Mommy or Daddy shut them. He hasnt been really good at following this rule and the other day I was in our bathroom getting ready to go out and Patrick and Elena were both in our room with me. Patrick was playing with the door and the lock and I told him to leave it alone. I walked out to answer the phone or something and when I got off the phone, Patrick came up to me and told me he locked the door. I looked up and saw our bedroom door was closed. I immediately panicked and ran to the door. Elena started banging on the door from the inside and when I didnt open it she started screaming. I called Shauns mom who lives a few blocks away, she told me to the hole in the bottom of the doorknob which didnt work, and while I was talking to her Elena stopped crying and fell asleep right inside the door. I called Jesús and told him what was going on and he told me he was on his way home. I called my Mom and asked her to come over. We tried everything! Finally Jesús took the hammer and had to break the doorknob off all the way. We couldnt get the door open because Elena was asleep right next to the door so we had to push her out of the way. Im glad it wasnt in the hot car or something. It was more difficult to listen to her cry, but once she fell asleep I was able to calm down. Patrick was scared and ran in his room. We have been a little more stern on the shutting the doors rule.