Monday, May 3, 2010

Last week

We got served. We were served with a subpoena for the trial for the guys that stole our stuff. If it goes to a jury, we have to go to court. Are we allowed to throw rocks?

Then Patrick decided he wanted to be captain underpants. Isn't he fantastic??
Then it was hot so we had otter pops on the steps in the backyard.
Then today I bought an inflatable pool for the kids. Patrick couldnt wait and Elena had no idea why she was excited.
All she did was this
And this

But would you look at how stinkin' cute she is?!!! She does not like to get wet in cold water with any clothes on.
Then my tomato plants started sprouting a few tomatoes. Yeah! Ahh the fruits of my labors.
And my yellow squash started taking over.
Fun stuff right?


Tenille Gates said...

Yes, you have MY permission to throw rocks at them! ;0) I hope your flute turns up..being robbed is one of the worst feelings ever. Your kiddos are the cutest ♥ Elena will get over not wanting to get wet when the Bako summer arrives ;0) Congrats on your prospering garden..the fruits of our labors get eaten by the dogs around here! Darn mutts!