Saturday, May 15, 2010

Last night

The boys went with College Heights ward to the Fathers and Sons camp out. Jesús was very excited to take Patrick for the first time. Elena and I hung out at home for a nice little girls night. We ate chips and dip and pop-tarts, my body is hating me today for it. I let her stay up late while we watched some tv and for some reason she wanted to put plastic baggies on her hands and rub them on my legs. We went to bed at 10. At 3:30 I woke up from a dead sleep to the sound of a doorbell then I heard our neighbors dog start barking. Our neighbor next door has come over before late at night to borrow a thermometer for her little girl but when I got up to look out the front door there was no one there. Then I tried to think of what I had heard. It wasn't our front doorbell, it was our back doorbell. We have this doorbell by our back door that sounds differently from our front doorbell. I turned on all the lights and called my mom and then the police. The police were there in 10 minutes and I was terrified the whole time. I had a big pocket knife I bought a long time ago and I kept that with me and my phone. The police checked everything out and said that there wasn't any one in the backyard now and that its good I keep a pole in our sliding door, they will not be able to open the door with that there. I left all the lights on and made sure the baby was safe and went back to bed, I couldnt sleep, every sound was like someone breaking in. I can't say enough how grateful I was when the sun came up.


StephanieBoots said...

Yikes!!! Next time there is a "Boys night out" I declare: there shall be a mandatory "Girls night out." We could spend the night at Connie's together and watch our favorite movie(s).

Mrs. Schmalison said...

I totally agree.

Connie de said...

I totally agree.