Thursday, September 10, 2009

So long Fuji Apples

So the turtle we found during the summer ended up with the name Fuji Apples (Patrick named him) and I was getting a little tired cleaning out his tank and believe me, turtles smell. He also seemed to be getting tired of his very small tank so we thought it might be a good idea to find him a new home. We couldnt afford a new tank so we talked about putting him back in the lake where we are pretty sure he came from or giving him away or something to that extent. Well one day while doing my visiting teaching, I discovered that Bishop Dunn has a wonderful little pond in his backyard. I thought it would be perfect, that way I could still take Patrick to see the turtle and Fuji would have tons of room to swim but not be in a big scary lake. Well last night I talked to Sister Dunn and she said they would love that. So we had our family home evening last night and all we did was relocate the turtle.
We had Patrick put him in the water and we thought he was just going to set him in but instead he just kind of tossed him. He absolutely loved his new home, he started swimming and climbing on rocks and diving down.
Here are some pictures of his new home, try and find him, he's kinda small.