Thursday, March 29, 2012

St. Patricks Day

*Be sure to check out the Spring Break Post before this one, I guess I started it before I started this post and of course they posted in order*

So once again we made a big deal about St. Patricks Day because we have our very own Patrick! I made sure the kids had green things to wear and I got out the decorations. Grandma Connie sent us a surprise package with some green stuff to enjoy.
Patrick got a shirt that matched Calebs.
Elena got this cute green skirt from Grandma and we had bought her this cute shirt for 2 dollars at the outlets. Score!!
I made green cream cheese for Patricks bagel that morning and he was very confused as to how I turned it green.

Elena had green scrambled eggs. They looked a little strange but she still ate them with ketchup. Yuck!
I got a little crafty and made Elena, Lucia, Amaia and Beca some clips for their hair.
And I made a topiary for my table centerpiece. Luckily I can use this all year round so I can just switch out the table clothes. I think my next project is a spring topiary. I love felt.
Jesús and I made cakeballs to see what all the fuss was about. Dang they were hard to make but so yummy. I think we just need to perfect our technique. Here they are without frosting.
And here are the ones that didn't look too bad after we added the chocolate coating and sprinkles.
I feel like I got a lot more pictures of Elena that day because Patrick was being grumpy. He only had mad grumpy faces in the pictures so he got to sit them out. Here is Elena's outfit as we made our way to our families house for corned beef and cabbage. Yum.
Elena and Lucia enjoying a picnic outside
Elena enjoying a cakeball. I don't think Patrick even tried one until the next day. What a party pooper. He didn't understand why couldn't do anything he wanted on his day.


Sonnet and Christian said...

I love your St Patick's Day stuff. How did you make the topiary?

Mrs. Schmalison said...

I got a styrofoam ball and cut out probably 200 3 inch circles and folded them in half and in half again and then pinned them into the styrofoam ball using straight pins. I used a wooden dowel to stick into the ball and then that green florists foam in the pot with moss over it. I'm making a spring one soon too.

benae said...

I love the cake balls and the topiary! great job. You are so crafty!