Wednesday, June 25, 2008

First Utah post

I figured that I should post some pictures so that I dont end up having one long post. These are pictures from Friday when we left at 4:00 in the afternoon until Tuesday evening. We were hoping that Patrick would only be up for a couple of hours and then sleep the rest of the trip. No such luck. He was awake until 9:30 and then finally fell asleep. He woke up every time we stopped for gas or stretching and would fall asleep again. He did that until our last stop when he started whining in his sleep so we stopped to stretch our legs and get him out of his chair for a few minutes. This was probably 2:30 in the morning. Well we figured he would go back to sleep but after we had been driving for a little while, I turned around to see if he had fallen asleep and all I saw in the dark was his little had waving at me. He didnt cry though he just sat there quietly until we reached Jesús's parents house at 3:40. But when we got there he was very awake and wanted to play with the cat and run around. It took until 4:30 to get unpacked and get him to sleep. So needless to say we were very tired and needed a good nights sleep. Luckily he let us sleep in until 9:00.

Here is a picture from Friday evening when we let Patrick drive for awhile. This was in Baker and it was 109 degrees and gas was $4.89.

Here is a picture of Patrick playing on uncle Gabes drum set out in the garage.

Doesnt he look like he knows what he's doing here??
Patrick loves Paco the kitty and follows him around the house. Paco isnt a big fan of Patricks because Patrick likes pulling his tail and spends a lot of time putting his cat food into the water dish.
Here is Patrick eating Grandpa's apple fritter. He calls Grandpa- papa 'sus (sounds like Dr. Seuss) and he calls Grandma -Ma Shelley. If you notice he has a nice little bruise on his cheek from falling into the corner of a bed or desk or something. It was very ugly the first day.

Here he is laying on the floor with Uncle Nick playing with his cell phone.
On Monday night we all walked to the park for FHE to play a little soccer and play on the toys.

There was this pasture right next to the park with 2 horses and a pony. Here is Patrick cheering for the pony. We dont really know why.

Doesnt he look like a professional soccer player right here? Sunday we watched Spain play in the Euro cup against Italy. Grandpa Jesús is from Spain so it was a very big deal. He and Grandma Shelley wore their red and yellow soccer shirts to support the team and everyone was down stairs watching it on the big screen. Patrick and I took a nap and could hear their cheering and disappointment as they scored goals and missed goals. In the end I could tell that Spain won by happy cheering and screaming. It was really exciting.

Here is Rebecca the second youngest of the family taking Choncho the dog down the slide. He did not want to go.
I decided to take Patrick down the slide and I figured it would be fun for him. I was also afraid my big butt was going to get stuck.
It turns out the opposite happened. The slide practically shot us down and we almost flew off the end. This was my reaction at the end.
I took this random picture because I thought it was funny. This was a bee made out of metal wire with a wasps nest inside the stomach.
Tuesday the 24th was Jesús's and mines 3rd wedding anniversary. We decided that we wanted to make a night of it so we left Patrick with the family and we drove to salt lake. We went to the Gateway and watched The Hulk in this amazing theater. It was an awesome movie. Then we went next door to Tucanos which is a Brazilian BBQ restaurant. They come to the table and serve you all this meat right off the skewers. It was sooooo good. And I got this White Chocolate Raspberry cheesecake. It was divine. I should have taken a picture before I ate it because it was so pretty.

I love you honey and I am so happy to be your wife. I cant wait to spend eternity with you and I love watching our family grow.


Brianne said...

I'm sorry I haven't commented before, but I do try to keep up. It looks like your little Patrick is sure a busy, and smart, little guy! He sure is cute too.

Connie de said...

Alison did you know butt is a four letter word...
your mother