Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Good Stuff!

Ok, I feel a little guilty about my post saying that I was mad at Patrick for a little mistake that Im sure one year olds do all the time. I of course was mad the whole day and didnt actually laugh about until a day or so later. I still cant believe he did it though. Well I decided to post some cute stuff about Patrick that I hope will let everyone know how wonderful he is and that I love him "more than my luggage" (Steel Magnolias). Here are some pictures I got of him over the last week. I wasnt able to take many because we lost the battery charger to our camera and I'm pretty sure I left it in Utah.Here is a picture of Patrick enjoying Shannon Rocks delicious cookies. I couldnt get him to stop eating them so I barely got any!

I got this one of him after he asked me to put his shoes on him. He found his little swimming hat and put it on. Im pretty sure that he was supporting Sara in here Triathlon that she was ran on Saturday.

Here is a picture of his new water table that I bought him to play with out side in our small backyard like area behind our condo. It looks pretty lonely doesnt it? I left it inside for maybe two days and he played with it a little while but it must have been pretty boring without any water in it.So here he is playing with the box it came in. It turned out to be a fun slide and trampoline.

He has been talking so much lately and he likes to ramble on about random things. We usually dont know what he's saying but we do pick up words that he knows. We hear things like Motochoochoo (Motorcycle), outside, hot, down, too high, too big. He has done really well with making 2 to 3 word statements like "I need that", "roof too high", Daddy's hat, Papa's hat, I wub it ( I love it), I wike it (I like it), too hot, ok momma? which he says when I say ow. He also likes to sing. Sometimes I can give him a topic and he will make up a quick song about it. He is so polite too! He says thank you all the time and he will say sorry if he ever bumps into you or if we accidentally trip over him when runs in front of us. He will even say sorry if its our fault. The other day he even put his shorts on all by himself, I was in shock. He usually gets how the shorts work but he cant get his feet into the right holes and doesnt know what to do after that. He actually got them on right with his first try and pulled them up over his little bottom. He is too cute and I cant wait to see what he learns next. I am mostly interested in what his reaction will be to his little sister. He likes babies and seems to be very careful around them but they arent living in our house so it should be a bit of adjustment for him. I cant believe he will be 2 in September. I feel like it is going too fast.