Tuesday, February 22, 2011

FHE on Accident

Since Monday was a Holiday, Jesús went with Randy Cola to play games at a friends house which they do often for some MAN time. But Randy was taking his kids with him so Jesús took Patrick so he could play with Roegan and I took Elena to the Cola's house to work out with Amber and have a yummy lunch at starbucks. I headed home to put Elena down for a nap and Amber went to a dentist appointment and then she dropped by afterwards. While we were hanging out the boys finished playing games and came by to see what was going on and we all ended up watching an old episode of the bachelor and Red Dawn. Maribel, Jason and Mia stopped by for a few minutes to drop off an invitation so we got to chat for a little while. Randy's niece Nikki and her husband Michael decided to hang out with us too. All of a sudden it was a party. We got a bunch of taco bell for dinner and ice cream for shakes.
Amber's enjoying her taco bell a little too much!!! And Nikki I guess didn't want her picture taken.
We all finished our dinner and had a little family home evening lesson on the Holy Ghost then we played Heads up Seven up which I think I played in the 5th grade. It was fun once the kids figured it out though.
The kids played a little while we made milk shakes
Then we all enjoyed them. Yummy!!!!
We ended the night with the new episode of the bachelor while the kids played.
It might have been a FHE party on accident but it was dang fun and I'm glad we all got to hang out.