Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sunday girl time

One of the things that I have on my mind a lot since we won't be having any more babies, is that Elena will never have a sister and Patrick will never have a brother. Sometimes it makes my heart hurt. I love my sister and we spent our childhood playing almost non-stop. There was fighting of course but there was more imagination and playing together than anything else. We would set up a whole Barbie house made up of buckets and whatever else we could find. We would pull out every toy we owned until you couldnt see the floor of our bedroom and even though we were confined to our room until it was clean we still had fun making it even more messy, like pulling the mattress off the bed and sliding down it. I'm sad that Elena won't have that sort of relationship with a sister. However she was blessed to have two cousins close to her age. Lucia, Jesús' sisters oldest is about 6 weeks older. And Hannah, Cory and Stephanie's daughter is only 18 days younger than Elena. We watched the girls hold hands and play around the house Sunday evening. It was so sweet and I started to feel a little misty eyed knowing she will have close relationships with these cousins.