Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter

We had a wonderful Easter. We were all finally feeling well enough to attend church, and the kids have been on antibiotics for a week so the doctor told me they werent contagious. I was worried about Patrick giving Elena whatever he had but she said Elena was fine.

The night before Easter morning we decided to head over to Mom and Dads to watch a movie and color Easter Eggs. It was nice to get out of the house. I really havent wanted to take the kids out just in case they pick up something that makes them worse. Im sick of the sick kids and Im sure they are pretty tired of it too. So we have been avoiding Moms house to prevent further illness and to prevent giving it to anyone else. Patrick got to spend a little time with Caleb while decorating eggs and the movie didnt work out because the boys were having to much fun making noise.Coloring eggs

Easter Sunday we woke up and put on our springy clothes (it was so fun to put Easter clothes on Elena) and headed to church. Afterwards I tried to get pictures of the kids but they didnt really turn out the way I wanted. Patrick had a little Easter egg hunt then we hung out for a while and then headed home.

I love Elena's face in this picture

And I love Patricks face in this picture

These are our attempts at Easter pictures

Easter egg hunt

Sleepy Elena in the car


Amy Coontz said...

I LOVE the picture of Elena attacking Patrick!

Mrs. Schmalison said...

I know thats my favorite too.

Just The Three Of Us said...

Your kids are stinkin cute!!! By the way...thanks for the "yeah's" times like a million!!! LOL you crack me up!! you always have!!! :)