Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kristin Chenoweth

I heard that Kristin Chenoweth was coming to Bakersfield to perform at the Crystal Palace and I wanted to see her so bad!! A friend on Facebook said that she had reserved her table and that it was free!! I called immediately and got a table reserved for four. Jesús and I and my parents were able to go and see her. She was so funny and cute and I'm so glad we went.

People brought her flowers and some girl made her a necklace. Some one else brought her Dewars chews. Her favorite drink is a grape slushie so she got two of those. It was funny to see her carry all of it off stage. I read on Twitter later that she loved the Dewars chews.
My cute parents
Me and my hot date!
My best friend from Highschool works at the Crystal Palace and we never see each other anymore. Well guess who our waitress was??!! Yep! Stephanie was. We got a picture for old times sake.


Ashlynn said...

What! I am so jealous! I love her. I beat she was amazing.

McKayJoice said...

Two things- I love Kristin Chenowth. That must have been so fun. I still wish they didn't cancel Pushing Daises.
Two- when I look at your blog there is a little flower in the square were the blogger B should be by the web address. That is so fun! how did you do it? I am so jealous.

Mrs. Schmalison said...

I think that you can change it in your design area. It will say Favicon (which is what its called) and you can upload a picture there if its small enough. I can't do that anymore since I have changed my CSS code so much so I googled it and found out how to change it that way.