Tuesday, December 27, 2011

November 16th, I turned 30. Yikes.

Yes I turned 30, not much different than 29 except my body feels old. It makes me want to exercise more. I went to lunch with my Mom and Elena and then my Mom surprised me and told me that Stephanie had scheduled an appointment with my hairdresser and I was getting my hair cut! yay! It had been a year and a hair cut was just what I needed. It was a good day.
This was my favorite part about breakfast, a pumpkin muffin.
Jesus made me this wonderful cake, I love him.


Amy Coontz said...

I was talking with friends the other day about how old we were when we started babysitting. I was pretty sure I started watching your brothers, my first babysitting gig, when I was about 10. It was before you were born, so I guess I was right. Crazy!

Connie de said...

Amy - that's crazzzy. And now I feel old....I mean older than I did before you turned 30.