Monday, March 17, 2008

The camera is fixed!!

Well, I got onto the Canon website and found out that they were going to fix our camera for free. So I sent it to them and got it back 2 weeks later. I am so happy that I have something to take pictures with now. I would be doing something with Patrick and he would do something cute and I would want to take a picture and I would think wheres the camera, but of course it was broken. Now its back and I have been taking advantage.This is a picture that I took of Patrick with his new chair. During the summer we like to sit outside and enjoy the lovely weather but Patrick didnt have anywhere to sit so I was at Target and found this cute chair on sale so I just had to buy it. He loves it. Doesnt he look like he's modeling?

This picture of Patrick at our play date with Jill, Gracie and Lucy. We had planned on going to the park but it was too dang cold. So instead we went to Stephanies place and ate and talked and the kids had a great time playing. The boys were more prone to time outs. I guess they havent caught on to the whole sharing idea yet. Well Gracie decided to stick some crayons in Patricks shirt pocket and I thought it was so funny so I took a picture.I keep telling Jesus that he is playing a little too rough with Patrick. Jesus throws him around a little too much for my taste and I am always afraid that he is going to get hurt. Well this time it turned out I was right. They were playing on the bed and Patrick got too excited and jumped off the bed. Luckily he landed on my pile of pillows and clothes, but he rolled off of the pile and right into the bed frame. He got a pretty good little goose egg on his temple. This picture doesnt really do it justice but it looked pretty nasty.
So now that Patrick has his new cool chair, he likes to drag it around the room and use it for whatever his little heart desires. So I have found him a couple of times like this. I guess this is how he wants to watch tv now. It was pretty funny when I caught him like this last night while we were watching old cartoons.

And last but not least......WE BOUGHT NEW FURNITURE!!!!!!!! Saturday we decided to go to Target and get some stuff like maternity shirts and summer shirts for Patrick. Well since Ashley furniture is right there, we decided to look for some furniture for our front room. Our old apartment was kinda small and didnt have room for a lot of family room furniture. So we donated our big couch to Cory and Stephanie and kept the love seat and these two rocking type chairs that we bought from Bed Bath and Beyond. Well our new place has a lot more space and we dont have very much seating. Well, we found a couch that we just loved and were thinking of buying it. Just then a sales guy came up and said that they are having their anniversary sale and if it bought the couch and love seat he could throw the matching chair in for $63. The chair was originally $379 and we thought that was an amazing deal. We had to take it. We ended up spending $1000 on 3 pieces of great furniture. We couldnt believe it. I found a picture of it online but we wont get it for another couple of weeks.What do you think??? This picture doesnt have the chair but its way comfortable. Im so excited to have more seating and a whole couch I can stretch out on.


Tenille Gates said...

Thats exciting about your camera! Mine is broken right now too so i have to send it in. Love the new furniture and Patrick is cuter than ever! Matt and i will be down for easter so maybe well see ya around! Take care

Shannon said...

I really like that new furniture. It is really neutral and cozy looking. So exciting for you!

The Potter Pack said...

How exciting ... new furniture is great purchase !! Hope you got it stain resistant for all the babes you are about to have !!

The Potter Pack said...

Hey- Igot your response on my blog about the 5 yr warrenty and that rocks -- I would love some new stuff in my living/family room !! Where are some pregnancy pics anyways ?? That is what we are all waiting for ... and what's the due date again -- and are you going to find out what you are having this time around ?? Now that I have one of each ... I will let the others be a suprise !!

Ashley and Nate said...

I like your new furniture a lot. What a good deal! And it looks comfy too.