Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday

Well, we didnt really have any big plans for Easter but we did have a really good time. We just went over to Mom and Dads for some good eatin' and relaxing. We had left overs from Calebs birthday party and Mom made her yummy funeral/easter potatoes. We also had Moms famous jello eggs. I was so stuffed but I couldnt stop eating. Then when Patrick woke up, we decided to let him run around outside. My aunt Wendy came down from Lake Isabella and we got to chat with her for awhile. One of Patricks favorite things is motorcycles, which of course makes his grandpa happy since Dad is motorcycle obsessed. Well Dad decided he needed to wash his motorcycles, or "motor-choo choos as Patrick calls them. So Patrick helped Dad and I got some great pictures. He is also wearing Papa's hat so he looks super cute.
Afterwards, we decided that we wanted to color eggs just so see if the boys would look for easter eggs. Cory Stephanie and Caleb came over and we got the boys some baskets and they started off pretty slow, not so sure what they were supposed to to do but they eventually got the hang of it.


Carla said...

The motorcycle washing pics even got an "awww" out of Devonn...super cute!

Ashley and Nate said...

What cute little boys!

The Potter Pack said...

Hey girl ... the cousins together are adorable ... and I love Patrick washing Jerry's bike ... so cute !!