Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Bug Lore Museum

Patricks preschool class went to the Bug Lore Museum for a field trip. Looking at the bugs was fun but it was kind of a joke too with one big room filled with bugs and toys so of course the kids wanted the toys more. Well at least mine did.

The field trip started out well, with kids sitting down listening to the lady talk about bugs.
Petting a Millipede
Then they started to get distracted, of course Elena was distracted the whole time.
The bugs were pretty cool but also creepy
These grasshoppers were giving each other piggy back rides, nice huh?
The ants
creepy scorpion
Even creepier scorpion
Creepy Tarantula
Another creepy spider
The kids checked out the ants
I hate cockroaches but I was able to go look at the Madagascar hissing cockroaches, except I found a dead one, the lady said it was old so she took him out for us to look at.
I did get up the nerve to let the stick bug crawl on my arm but only for a few seconds because it was freaky.
Afterward we met at a park and played and ate lunch. There was a dog wandering around that didn't have a collar and it was trying to eat every ones food.


Carla said...

LOL @ the grasshoppers.