Friday, May 13, 2011

Mothers Day Weekend

So Friday night we went over to my Parents house because Jesus was at a NRA dinner. We hung out and played and the kids tried on Grandpas hat.
Then the next day we all got together to surprise Mom. Cory and Stephanie said that Stephanies parents would be coming to town so they wouldnt be able to come over on Saturday, and they were both speaking in their ward on Sunday so they wouldnt be able to come on Sunday. Sara was working so she wasn't going to be able to come at all. Ben had to work Sunday so he and Janae weren't going to be able to be there either. Well behind the scenes we were all talking and Sara had got time off and was flying in Saturday afternoon and Ben and Janae were going to pick her up and head to Bakersfield. Stephanie's parents were coming but only for the morning and we were all going to meet at the park at 4 and go surprise Mom. Dad was also in on it and had told Mom that they were going to go to dinner at 4. He stalled for us too while we waited for everyone to get there. Jesús had to raft all day so he couldn't be there. So as soon as we were all together, we all headed to Mom and Dads and snuck up to the door. We all stood quietly and rang the doorbell. Then when Mom answered the door this was the face we got:
It was an awesome surprise and she cried and cried. Best reaction ever. We went to dinner then hung out together for the rest of the evening.
The girls were being very sweet together
Ben did have to work the next day so he and Janae left early the next morning. Sunday I got to sing in Sacrament meeting with another woman and her sweet daughters. Patrick was supposed to sing with the primary but he was too scared. Then we went to Mom and Dads for some yummy lettuce wraps and a trip to the park.

We keep Patricks kite in the back of the car so we took it with us and flew it for a while.
Sara and Elena tried to touch it

I wanted a picture with the kids for Mothers Day and it took a while and a little chocolate bribery to finally get a great picture.
It was such a wonderful Mothers Day.