Thursday, May 26, 2011

Enjoying popcicles and the garden

So the only thing I've planted this year are flowers and tomatoes. I have other vegetable seeds but I keep putting off planting them for some reason. However this what my flower garden looked like this spring after I first planted everything.
And this is what it looks like now
My strawberries were my only bust so I ripped them out and planted these. I would like to plant a bougainvillea in the back middle part of this flower bed but I'll wait.
My gerber Daisies survived and whatever that purple and pink flower is. And finally my Rununculus came through and are looking great circling everything else.
My favorite so far is the Dhalia. Its huge! I can't wait for it to bloom, I think it will be spectacular.
And my gladiolas are really tall but there aren't any blooms yet, soon hopefully.
And to enjoy the beauty of the earth and the lovely flowers blooming we sit outside and enjoy popsicles.

Hopefully I can fill in the dirt area with mulch and bushes and rocks but first we need to find rocks. Someday it will look like a real garden.


StephanieBoots said...

Alison it looks amazing right now! Bulbs... who knew?