Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Road Trip!

A few months ago we were really bummed that we weren't able to participate in the Bakersfield Cystic Fibrosis walk, so we were really excited that our friends the Cluffs were going to be walking in St. George for their daughter who was diagnosed last fall. We have been wanting to have a little vacation at Mom and Dads new house. So we left Friday morning and we drove to St George. Mom was there when we got there and she said she would watch the kids so we could go on a little date. We went over to see Ben and Jill Cluff and catch up then the two of us went to Out Back for a yummy dinner.
Mom got this fun game to play with the kids, its called whats on my head. Patrick loved it but Elena was a little confused by the rules, she basically just yelled out the object and that persons turn was over.
I got pictures of moms great view from her backyard.

Saturday morning we headed to the elementary school the walk was at and Elena wanted to go right to the toys.
Patrick and Holdyn were a little nervous around each other at first but warmed up to each other quickly.

Holdyn wanted to hold hands with Patrick and her cousin. Then she took off and we didn't see her again till the we finished the walk. She was fast!
The walk path was so pretty!! I could totally run on this.
The very cool tunnels we walked through.

We all wore t-shirts saying I'm Kimber Anne's Fan fighting Cystic Fibrosis, hers said I'm Kimber Anne. She was so changed from when we saw her last. So happy and energetic and healthier.
Jill and I
We bought some tickets for the raffle and ended up winning tons of stuff. Whoops.
We said good bye to the Cluffs and went back to Moms for naps. Then we got dressed and went to the temple. It was so pretty and I loved driving over the hill and seeing the temple stand out from everything else.
We had a lovely gentleman from the visitors center take our picture. Its a little crooked but thats ok because he was so very nice.

Then we went to.........drum roll.........Cafe Rio!!!!! here is the before of my steak burrito.
Here's the after. Yep I ate the whole dang thing!! I had waited long enough.
Elena was a little upset that her quesadilla was hot
Patrick was having a grand ol time
Then we stopped at a Red box and rented a movie which I fell asleep watching. Then we got up in the morning and packed up, had lunch at Cracker Barrel and then hit the road. We hit traffic before Primm so we stopped and walked around the outlets for a while. Then we headed for Carls Jr. for dinner and the kids got to play on the play place but Patrick was so terrified of heights that he was basically shaking when he got to the top and came down the slide. Poor kid. We had so much fun and I look forward to seeing the Cluffs again, we always have such a good time with them!!


Carla said...

St. George is so much more beautiful than I remember it. Carrin has a cousin that lives there- total mountain people so I guess I assumed everyone in St. George was, guess not though. And I have never had Cafe Rio but that looked DELICIOUS!

Connie de said...

Yea!! Temple pictures!

Mrs. Schmalison said...

Carla!! St George is awesome and Cafe Rio is divine. Try both!

The Potter Pack said...

I licked my screen when I saw your burrito ! I LOVE CAFE RIO !!