Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter Weekend

Cory and Stephanie weren't able to come for Easter Sunday so we celebrated the day before. We went to Grandmas house to color eggs and goof around. Oh and there was some yummy food too.

Cory was very excited to color eggs.
The finished eggs
Elena was the Easter Monster. Thats real right?

The boys played swords with Grandpa
On the egg hunt

She did NOT want to reach in there
So Daddy helped her.
The group picture with no smiles
I got some of Elena by the roses
I told Patrick to smile, I guess I asked for it.
Much better
The Randalls were heading to Stephanie's parents house so we took a ride in the golf cart to the park and Patrick got to drive.
I tried to get a normal picture of us. Oh well.
The kids found their Easter baskets on Sunday morning.
Patrick went right for the toys.
Elena went right for the chocolate. Thats my girl!!! Great morning hair huh?
I got a few pictures of the kids in their Sunday clothes for Easter

Happy Easter