Friday, May 13, 2011

Disneyland 2011

We got to go to Disneyland again this year! Jesús and I were actually talking about it on our way there that our kids have gone more in their short years then we got to in 20 years. We are so grateful that we have been able to go since Patrick was born.
We got a good early start so we could be there when it opened and we beat the rest of the family there. So we decided to just get right to it. We headed to California Adventures first so we get on the Bugs Life rides. Patrick is extremely afraid of heights so while he and Dad waited in line for the bumper cars, Elena rode the flick balloon ride. When we were done they were just getting on so we got to watch them.

Then onto Heimlichs train ride which made us crave churros because of the cookie part and it smelled so sweet in there!

Afterwards we went to Turtle talk with Crush the turtle and Crush actually talked to Jesús and was asking him about the "moss" on his chin. It was pretty funny. But we had never been in that building before and there was lots to do in there and we were able to learn a little bit about animation and walk through Belle's library and Patrick wanted to sit in the Prince Throne.
And we played with Belle's books
Then we met up with everyone and walked over to the wharf. I loved that the boys held hands while we walked over there.
We rode the fishy merry go round
Hannah wasn't liking it so much
Cory and Caleb went on the white water rafting ride. Jesús tried to take Patrick but he was just a little too short. We had kind of built him up about the ride and he was so sad when he couldn't go. So instead Jesús took him on the trail across the way.
He was however tall enough for soaring over California which is my favorite ride. He was nervous because it looks like you are so high. He gripped onto Jesús arm pretty tight for most of it but I kept watching his face and he loved it. Watching the jets fly by us was my favorite reaction to watch. I'm glad he got to enjoy it.
When we got off the ride Minnie mouse was outside so we got our family picture with her.
Then we went over to Disneyland and had lunch and watched the Jedi training which I had never seen before. It was really cool and funny. Then we rode our favorite rides like Buzz lightyear, Pirates(which Patrick was scared of but then later wanted to go on again), The Haunted Mansion( which scared Elena, next year maybe we'll sit that one out) and the Jungle Cruise. I think after those we were done and we headed for the gates. We ate at IHOP because Patrick wanted pancakes. It was so yummy and really hit the spot, and the fact that the kids ate free was awesome. Then we went to the hotel and checked in and Jesús and the kids went right to bed. I headed over to Mom and Sara's room to watch the end of modern family and chat a bit. Then went back for some much needed sleep. Then next morning we decided to start with Disneyland and ride the little kid rides. We rode Peter Pan first which I have never been on, and it was amazing!! After we all rode the merry go round we met up with Mom and the Randalls and Stephanie and I took the girls to go meet the Princesses, while the boys rode pirates again and a bunch of other rides. We waited for over an our but it was worth the wait. In the line in front of us was this little girl Sophia and she and Elena became good friends in just an hour.

The girls got to meet with three princesses and they were so sweet with them. Hannah was most excited to see Ariel and kept touching her face softly, almost to see if she was real.

Here is Hannah touching Belles face
And the only one of Elena smiling at the camera
We met up with the boys in Toon Town and found some lunch then we headed to the Tiki room but got distracted on the way because Elena needed thisAnd Patrick found a sword he loved and we eventually ended up getting the rest of his pirate stuff
By the end Elena was very tired and passed out in the stroller, she even slept through the Muppets 3D movie
Jesús and I rode tower of Terror and I was little scared. But check out the guy right behind me. He told me later it took skill.We finished off with a little shopping and then headed back to IHOP for another yummy breakfast dinner while we waited for rush hour to be over. Elena loved Jesús' potato cheese soup. She finished it off by sucking it out of the bowl.
Then we headed home, but first stopped at Lyons for my mothers Day gift. I got to do a little shopping at Old Navy. We had so much fun but we were all so tired by the end. The next day we did absolutely nothing to make up for it, except Jesús had to work. He is so awesome, he definitely needs a day off to do nothing too.