Monday, May 9, 2011

Going to the Randalls

Amber and have been trying to go to see Stephanie for a few weeks so we finally decided last Tuesday to go. Mom wanted to go with us and we had such a great time. Cory was home for lunch so we got to see as well. Caleb, Patrick and Roegan had a fun time playing and the girls loved playing with Hannahs doll house.
We got to sit and chat while the kids played
It was beautiful weather and the kids loved running around the yard. I love this picture because it looks like everything is glowing.
Patrick loved playing guns with the boys, the were killing all the monsters.
Hannah and Elena wanted to play in the sprinkler, but when it comes to getting sprayed by cold water Elena hates it. So she stood there and watched Hannah have a good time.
Then she wanted to get dressed and get a towel on
Hannah eventually joined her.
We had a great time and we will definitely be back