Thursday, May 26, 2011

Soooo the duck

Yeah we got a duck. Why? Well let me tell you.
I have no idea. One of the kids in Patricks preschool found this baby duckling near her home so they searched for its family and couldnt find them. So they brought the duckling to school and let the kids see it. Patricks teacher said who wants a duck? And I couldnt think of any reason why I would want another pet or any other responsibilities seeing how I can't even accomplish the ones I have now. Well she said they eat bugs and lay eggs, if its a girl of course. Well I thought why not?!! So I went to the pet store and got a little reptile house and some food dishes then I went and got some food for him. So we kept the duck in there for a few days and let him get stronger.
Then we let him outside one day and he loved it! He ran around and ate bugs and followed the kids everywhere. Unfortunately the kids were very unaware of him and sat on him twice. Poor guy(or girl). We filled a shallow bucket with water so he could swim around and he did such a good job, he apparently loves water.
Elena loves holding him and even holds him when she's not supposed to. Patrick does not like to hold him and basically just runs around him. I do have some video of the duck following Patrick but no pictures. Ones of these days I'll get him to hold him.

He/she loves to be around us and likes to sit in our laps and on our shoulders. Its very sweet.

Hopefully we'll find out soon whether this duck is a boy or girl.


StephanieBoots said...

I love the last picture. It looks like a clip from the TV show The Wonder Years(with Fred Savage [I think]) Did you watch that? The duck is darling and the kids, well Elena, is soooo cute with him/her

Mrs. Schmalison said...

Yeah I remember that show, I have a new app on my phone that plays with pictures. I love the old look of them.

WhitneyJoy said...

oh I love baby ducks! How exciting!