Friday, July 26, 2013

Oklahoma Camping trip part II

Before we left for camping our friend Cate told us that Beaver Bend has lots of fun stuff to do. She told us they had a little train and when I heard that I honestly didn't expect a train out in the woods to entertaining but we loved it! The kids were so excited and they had to be in the front of the train right behind the engine. 

 The whole time I was just amazed at Elenas curls. But the humidity was not pleasant other than that. 

While we were waiting for the ride to start the kids were moving around in the seats but of course they ended back in the front

 It was a really pretty ride trough the trees and the driver told us facts about the area.

 My favorite part was the hill. Right before the ride was over he said we were going to go down woohoo hill and it was really fun.