Thursday, July 25, 2013

Our first Oklahoma Camping trip part I

So we wanted to have a small family vacation this summer and our previous plans to go to the beach fell through. So we started talking to Jesús's family and we decided to stay at a cabin in Broken Bow Oklahoma. We really wanted to camping with our kids so we found a camp ground not far away in Beaver Bend State park. So we planned out meals and activities like fishing to do while we were there and packed up the car and headed out 2 days before we were supposed to be at the cabin. 
As we started to drive we got a little worried with the sky. There was a huge wall of dark clouds. 

Next thing we knew, it was pouring and all our bedding was on top of the car in our travel bag which we weren't sure was weather proofed. So we pulled off the freeway quickly and covered every thing with a tarp and we got soaked. So we hopped back into the car and drove a ways and found a gas station so we could wrap everything better. While we were doing that a few motorcycle riders pulled up to wait out the rain. One man was riding with his mom. I thought that was so sweet. They were all so kind and helped with the tarp.

 The first couple of hours were stormy and almost scary but we made it to dryer weather. 
We crossed this cool old bridge as we drove into Oklahoma and it was all still pretty flat like Texas. 

We stopped at a very small walmart as we got closer to the park and ran in to get fishing licenses and use the restroom. I have heard of people of Walmart before but this place was like the Jack Pot! Here is a girl with a tracking anklet on her. While Elena and I were in the restroom she came in with her friend and were talking about their plans. She told her friend she couldn't be out past 9 o'clock. I just thought it was funny because I have ever only seen people in movies wear these or famous crazies like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. Good times.

The drive into the state park was beautiful and green with a windy road through small mountains. When we got to the campgrounds we had to find a campsite in a good spot but most of them were taken so we had to pick one that was kind of rocky and set up the tent in a little bit of drizzle. We were all pretty tired and cranky and we found out the bathrooms were a little scary infested with spiders and no doors on the stalls. So we made the kids a little treat and went to bed. Most of the bedding got wet, all of the pillows and parts of the sleeping bags. It was so hot and humid though that they didn't dry over night. It was hard to get the kids to sleep the first night because they were in a new place and a little wound up from running around while we set up camp. But as we lay in the tent we noticed lightening bugs on the outside of the tent glowing here and there. It was pretty magical and we calmed down and went to sleep. It was a hot and sticky night but the kids slept pretty well. 

The next morning we got up and made breakfast. Pancakes with whipped cream and strawberries. The kids loved it. It was cooler in the morning but it didn't last long. 

After breakfast we went fishing to test out our new poles. It was really pretty but we didn't get any bites. 

As we drove around we kept seeing all these white tail deer. There were moms and babies and they were so fun to watch!

 The humidity made Elena's hair so curly the whole time. So I just let it go.

Elena got pretty bored of fishing so we decided to head to the playground we had seen. She of course got tired so I carried her for about a mile. I was pretty tired when we finally got there so I sat while she played. 

 When she got bored of that she said she wanted to walk back towards our camp. We say this beautiful red bird and I got a quick picture, then 3 deer jumped out of the bushes onto the road and startled us but we stared at them and they stared at us. Finally they walked off and right about then Jesús and Patrick drove by to pick us up for lunch.