Sunday, July 28, 2013

Oklahoma Camping/Cabin trip part IV

So our third day Jesús's family came and met us for lunch at our campground. We showed them around a bit and played at the playground and we showed them the all the wonderful things we have enjoyed while camping. Then we headed up the freeway to find the cabin we were renting. The Cabin was big and comfy and it had its very own big pond for fishing. So of course we started fishing right away. We had already freshened up our fishing skills while camping but Diego and Dad Moreno needed a little lesson from Jesús and then the fish started biting. Patrick was a little sad because he hadn't caught a fish yet. 

 After I caught a fish I decided to explore. The bottom balcony had a jacuzzi and beautiful view. 

 The inside of the cabin was all wood and very fun. Luckily we had a TV so the girls who didn't care about fishing were able to have fun and play and be entertained while the rest of the group was outside. 

 After showers and a cool good nights sleep, Jesús and Patrick got up early to go fishing and Patrick finally caught a fish!! This picture is terrible but I rushed out really quick with my tiny camera to take a picture. 

 Later we headed back over to the state park to check out some of the hiking trails. The rest of the Morenos and Caceres family had not seen the very cool totem. 

 Then we picked one of the shorter hikes and headed out. It was a really pretty hike with little signs along the way telling us about the different foliage. Patrick really wanted to be the hike leader and stayed ahead most of the time. 

 Amaia got tired and just sat down in the trail. She is so funny. 

 Patrick really wanted to explore what was on the other side of the bridge but the small kids were getting pretty tired so I let him go across just to check it out. 

 Then of course the little girls wanted to check it out too. 

 We found little creatures along the way, you can see a tiny frog jumping over his shoe. 

 Then he had to catch it

 After we were done with the hike, we wanted to see the dam which we had heard about and it was beautiful. The lake was huge and we saw a little path that went down to the lake. We stopped and decided to head down. It was pretty rocky and slippery but we made it down. 

 Look at this sweet man being a gentleman to help me down. Love him.

 Patrick Jesús and Diego and rock skipping contest. They all did pretty good. 

 Sweet Benjamin was pretty tired but he liked having his feet in the water.

 This is the sign we got to see every time we drove up to the cabin. Those good ol' Oklahoma people. 

 Our bed was a big king sized bed and Elena didn't want to sleep in the tiny bedroom that the bunkbeds were in. So she slept with us every night and there was plenty of room. I loved to see her tiny little self in that big ol bed. It was such a comfy bed too. I probably would have slept really well in it too if I hadn't seen the giant spiders in Roxanna and Diegos room which was on the other side of that wall. 

 We were each in charge of a dinner and we did frito boats and then we used the rest of our s'mores stuff from camping as our dessert. Amaia thought it was tasty. We will for sure be heading back to Broken Bow Oklahoma for more camping trips except we will not be going in July. We will probably try going in October or in the spring when its still cool. And next time we will find camp grounds next to the cleaner flushing toilets. We will also make sure we bring our own dry wood for those over the fire meals. I love camping and I want our kids to love it just as much.