Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer days

The kids do get a little bored sometimes and I our friends in the ward have great ideas of what we can do to keep the kids busy. One day we were told that there were little activities to go to at the libraries around us. We tried a bug adventure at one library and Patrick acted really weird like he didn't like it even though I knew he would and he cried and sulked nearly the whole time. We tried reading time at another library thats closer to us and Patrick was bored and unhappy. So next we tried the magician/juggler. I think we have a winner. This guy was pretty funny and entertaining and the kids loved the whole thing. 

 We met up with some friends that were there and Patricks friend Bryson got called up to be the policeman and he got to pick another kid to come up and he looked around and said "that poor boy with the hurt arm" he was so sweet. 

 Afterwards the kids all got a chance to pet his rabbit. They waited in the longest line and were so excited. 

 Afterwards we walked to the car and we found this funny looking duck in the bushes

 So we decided to keep walking and found a fun little pond with a lot of ducks and turtles

 And there was a little boy sitting by the tree and when we looked closer, we noticed he was sitting right next to a duck that was sitting on a nest filled with eggs! It was so cool and that little boy wasn't bothering the duck just sitting and staring out at the water. 

 When we walked up the duck got uncomfortable and got up but when we walked away the duck went right back to sit on its nest next to the boy. That cute little boy was so patient and quiet. I love all the nature around us and available to look at wherever we go.