Saturday, July 6, 2013

A glance at our summer so far

So we have been up to so many random things over the past few weeks that this will just be a compilation of stuff.
So I have been dying to make a flag wreath. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

And we love hanging out on the tramp eating popsicles and getting sprayed by the hose. 

 Saturdays we spend getting the house organized and working on projects. Our pantry has 3 shelves spaced rather far apart so Jesús installed drawers underneath so we could utilize the space. (dont worry, he isn't unconscious on the floor, he had to lie down to install them) 

 We have made some good friends in our ward and we got invited to a birthday party for the Stevens family. They have the most adorable little girl Ezra. I love this picture of her on Patricks shoulders. Babies love him.

 We headed up to Denton so Amber and I could have dinner for a little girls night and the kids and Men could hang out. Before we got to their house we stopped at Mooyah so the kids could eat dinner. They have this huge chalkboard wall. It was fun to watch their little creations while we waited for food. 

 We have a little beach about 30 minutes away from us. Its a lake in Little Elm that has this amazing beach. It almost felt like we were at the ocean. Almost. 

 The kids had a blast and love going. 

 In our many drives all over the place, I get to listen to the kids conversations. When they aren't fighting of course. I love to hear the funny and sweet things they say.

 We discovered a pool of water outside the house and we were terrified that we were going to have to tear up the inside of the house to get to the plumbing. After talking to 3 plumbers we discovered that our house had its plumbing re-routed outside the foundation. And with that we decided to tackle it on our own instead of hiring someone. Jesús had it tackled it in just 2 weeks. He is awesome. I'm so glad he is so handy and willing to do the work himself.

 For the 4th of July we decorated our walkway with flags. Ignore the dead grass. We will have to work on that next year.

 We had Jesús's family over for a 4th of July style breakfast. It was fun and will probably be an awesome tradition. 

 Later that night we went to our friends the Lancasters house swimming and dinner. I made patriotic cupcakes which I'm told were very good. I like them and I think they turned out rather cute. 

 We didn't get to see fireworks on the actual 4th of July so that next night we went with the Colas to their landlords for swimming, dinner and fireworks. It was interesting because everyone was smoking and drinking but the fireworks were awesome and watching drunk people is very entertaining. 

 And of course it was a long day and Elena couldn't make it the whole drive home.


Connie de said...

Love it all.

StephanieBoots said...

More Please

StephanieBoots said...

By the way I LOVE the blue chairs! They are a great color. and the wreath did turn out pretty darn cute (if I say so).