Saturday, July 27, 2013

Oklahoma camping trip part III

We loved watching all the dear walking around

 We were a little tired of being hot all day so we took a break and went to the museum that is connected to the state park office. It was air conditioned and had nice bathrooms and that was nice little change. There was this cool totem carved out of an old tree. 

 They have wood carvings all over the place and of course Elena had to touch all of them. 

 In the center of the museum there was a log cabin that was pretty old. It was being held together with mud and straw. 

 The whole inside of the cabin had old things and an old quilt on a bed. It was pretty cool and the kids loved it. 

 They also had a little post office with an old phone and it reminded me of pioneer village in Bakersfield.

 We had a tree with a big hole in it at our campsite. When we were making lunch we found a huge lizard sitting on the tree. It was such a pretty color and Patrick loved watching it and touching it and for some reason pouring water on it. 

 For breakfast the next morning we made french toast. The kids ate a ton and Patrick would not smile for pictures. 

 Right below our campsite was the river and in the morning it was foggy and beautiful. Almost creepy. 

 While we were driving back to our campsite we saw this deer and it just stood in the road staring at us. I got some very good pictures of it posing.

 Jesús and Patrick wanted to go fishing and Elena was very cranky so I decided to lay down with her and she would not settle down until I dozed off and when I woke up she was out. And she had a good nap with no clothes on since it was so hot. 

 When they got back Jesús wanted to keep fishing so he went down to the river by us started fishing. Patrick went over to check out what he was doing and unfortunately walked right into his cast and the weight on his line hit Patrick in the head which caused a huge bump which split and bled and then the hook dragged along the side of his head which caused more bleeding and more pain. I heard a loud scream and ran like crazy down the hill. I was terrified he had been bitten by a snake or something and when I got down to where they were Jesús had his hand on Patricks head with blood everywhere and told me to get the first aid kid. Luckily we had just bought a new one and brought Tylenol just in case. Patrick calmed down and we stopped the bleeding. And he started to feel better. We wanted to cook s'mores and so we needed a fire. We bought some firewood at the front office but unfortunately it was wet and it took a long time to get it going. But we did get a chance to cook our s'mores. And they tasted pretty good after all the hard work on the fire.