Thursday, June 21, 2012

Swimming Lessons

I signed the kids up for swimming lessons at our rec center and I didn't know about them but I was really excited. The first day Elena was loving it and even ran away from her class to tell me she could touch the bottom. Patrick like it was really scared to do the things his teacher told him. By the second day his teacher told me that maybe she should be moved down to level 1. He had already taken level 1 in Bakersfield and there was no level 1 at the same time Elena's class was so I really didn't want to do that. So we went home and practiced in our pool and then the next morning I left for girls camp. I worried about him all morning and then Jesus texted me and told me he had done great and his teacher could keep him in the class. I was excited to watch him when I got back. 

Elena was really brave until it came to jumping off the diving board. She was too scared and it was a little cold that day so she opted not to. Patrick did though and it was a small 12 foot pool which he jumped into and then swam to the side. He had no idea it was that deep and was so excited when I told him he has swam in a such a deep pool.
We were allowed to take pictures the last day. Elena had two kids from her primary class with her and she and Chase had the most fun.

I felt bad for her teacher because Elena was always trying to swim away and her teacher was so patient trying to get her to listen.

Then they moved them to the bigger pool

Patrick was already there so I got to watch his skilz.


I really like Patricks teacher because she was willing not to give up on him and made sure she talked to me after class everyday to let me know how he was doing.

Here's another of Elenas escape attempts.

Here's Patrick doing the backstroke

Mr. Cool wearing his sisters goggles because he forgot his.

Elena and chase kept splashing their teachers.

All the kids got certificates and a piece of candy. We are definitely going to practice so he isn't so scared next year.

Elena probably things she is ready for the swim team.