Thursday, June 28, 2012

Out with the small and in with the tall

So we had been debating on wether to move Elena into a twin size bed because she was getting a little too big for her toddler bed, but we knew that another twin bed would not fit in the room that she and Patrick are sharing. So we talked bunk beds. We ended up finding a great deal at Ikea so we bit the bullet. The only problem was that we bought a bed for Patrick almost 2 years ago and we felt it would be a waste to get rid of it. So we decided to keep it and take it apart and keep it under the bunk bed for when the kids have separate rooms in our future house. So we opened the boxes and of course the kids loved playing with the package foam. I laid down on the bed for a few minutes and when I came out this is what I found. A took a few days to finally get all the tiny white pieces.

 So Jesús and I set up the bunk bed so we could get rid of the toddler bed and move in Patricks new dresser, since his old bed had drawers underneath. 

 The kids pretty much love it. Elena has actually slept much better now that she has the space to move around a little. And her bedding that she got from christmas actually fits now.


Connie de said...

Looks great - especially the after pictures.

Tasha said...

My kids TOTALLY did that with our last IKEA package too!! I'm STILL finding those silly little foam beads!