Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chuck E Cheese

One of Elena's friends from Sunbeams invited her to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. The kids have never been and its probably been 20 years since I have been. I was wasn't sure what to expect since my experiences weren't always great, it was dirty and crowded and dark. Well I was pleasantly surprised. The kids loved it and probably played every game. It was clean and the staff was friendly. 
This is one of the things that I remember from going when I was young. It seemed more exciting as a small person.

Going on the virtual ride.

 Elena's reaction to Chuck E Cheese. When she saw him she ran screaming all the way to me.

Notice Elena is as far away from Chuck E Cheese as possible and still looks scared. 


Connie de said...

He is pretty scary. That's why I only took you once.