Sunday, June 17, 2012

Park Day

So one thing we never seem to run short of here in Texas are the parks, there is one on every corner it seems like and the next one seems better than the first. We went with some friends from Music Class to a new park we hadn't been to yet. It had a big pond or a small lake, either way a small body of water with ducks, geese and turtles. The kids loved watching them swim around in the water and I adored the turtles! I have never seen so many!! Each group of ducks or geese were with their own little family. 

Patrick and Elena wanted to wear costumes that day even though it was already hot. Patrick put his spiderman costume on under his clothes and rolled up the sleeves and pant legs so we couldn't tell he was wearing it and then he wore his t-shirt that says "You don't know me". Of course his costume was sticking out everywhere but it was so funny. When we got to the park he stripped all the way down to the costume. Elena wanted to be tinker bell. 

The Geese family. You can also see a couple of turtles just hanging out.