Monday, June 18, 2012

Fun with Grandma

So the first day Grandma was here, we went to this fun new water park with a friend from the ward. Her daughter and Elena are in the same class in primary.

We grabbed lunch on the way so we could eat while the kids played.

That night we went to the Fort Worth Stock Yards. Mom needed to try Risky's and the fried pickles.

 We were lucky enough to run into some cowboys. They were actually there to rehearse a little skit that they perform during the summer. It was fun to watch.

 Patrick got a rubber band gun. He felt like he fit in with the cowboys.

 Then we checked out the long horns

We wandered around a huge candy store and tried on coon skin caps.

 Elena danced around in a pink cowgirl hat and I watched the sunset on the Texas flag.

I bought some fun shaped ice cube trays from ikea and we used them as jello molds. The kids each made their own flavor.

The last day we went to Stone briar mall and had lunch, rode the Merry go round and walked around the Disney store. 

 Mom opted not to ride the Merry go round. Aren't those two girls gorgeous!!