Thursday, June 21, 2012

Shady Lakes 2012

So I was called to be the Assistant girls camp director for our ward not long after being called the Laurel advisor. I was excited because I love girls camp but nervous because I heard Texas girls camp can be different. Because of the heat the girls can't sleep in tents so they sleep in air conditioned trailers with bathrooms. There's also a big fire ant problem so thats another reason they can't be on the ground. I was so sad we wouldn't be in tents and especially in the mountains. I love the mountains. The girls are also allowed to wear shorts because of the heat. That was actually nice. 

The girls were in a crazy mood all week. They kept trying to scare us by jumping out from behind the corner. They loved banging on the wall while I was in the shower. When I got there the first day it was so hot and I was preparing myself for the hottest week of my life but then it started to rain. Then pour then thunder and lightening. It was a big storm that lasted about 2 days. The good thing was that it cooled down and it was really nice. 
This picture is of two of the girls that snuck into one of the leaders beds and tried to scare but she got them first.

The girls were supposed to be able to swim in the lake but when the stake leaders got there they saw water moccasins everywhere (which is a very poisonous water snake) and some other kind of biting critters. So instead the girls were only allowed to boat and canoe around the lake. One morning they were standing on the dock and the saw this snake catch a fish. It was pretty fascinating. 

The lake was gorgeous!! I went for a run with my Mother in Law one morning and it was the prettiest run I have ever been on.

The girls loved catching frogs and even found a baby bird that had wandered away from its family. 

There were horses and a donkey hanging out on the other side of the lake every day.
 Thursday night we celebrated the 100th year of either Girls camp or Young Womens, I can't remember. But to commemorate we lit candles and let them float across the late and then they lit off paper lanterns while we sang. It was amazing!!! So beautiful!

The girls enjoyed stealing my camera.

I was lovingly given the name "Sister Burrito" and it has sort of stuck. 
I love all these girls and I had so much fun! I did discover I'm not as young as I thought I was and I was way too tired to stay up late or act crazy without having a head ache the next day.

 The bishops came up the last night and our sweet bishop was such a good sport and totally rocked the girls camp t-shirt!!
I did survive a girls camp in Texas and fortunately didn't have to experience a tornado (which they did have to survive a couple of years ago) and was able to have fun because wherever you go, the goal is still the same: to be closer to our Heavenly Father and come closer together.