Monday, July 30, 2007


Ok, so Patrick is almost walking but as he is learning to do so he is pulling him self up on everything. Lately he has been pulling him self up on the kitchen cupboards and eventually opening them and trashing my whole somewhat clean kitchen floor. I have been on this clean kick lately and since we have gotten back from camping, I am still trying to catch up, soooooo any little mess he makes is quite unappreciated (she says in a high pitched annoyed voice). oooooooohhhhh but when I tell him no, he just smiles at me and when I shake my head he does it back at me with a little bit more enthusiasm then I would like. But I cant help but smile at his sweet face and absolute indifference to my wishes. I also have to consider that he is cutting two new teeth which will bring his count to eight and if I had two new sharp objects trying to break their way through my gums, I wouldnt be a happy camper either.