Saturday, July 21, 2007

And We're back...

Well, we are back from our fabulous Wishon adventure. We spent 3 days and two nights at Camp Wishon. A beautiful place with great fishing and wonderful wildlife ( do I sound like Steve Irwin yet?) The first night was only Mom, Sara, Jesus, Patrick and I and the next afternoon we were joined by Ben and Janae and Cory, Stephanie and Caleb. Im kind of glad it was a short trip, with babies its makes it all the more difficult to camp. We also, thanks to the marvelous Randy Clement, were able to do a little fishing. The first morning there, Jesus got up and caught a fish before the sun came up.

Then I decided to show him up with a bigger one.

We fished the for a while but this was all we got. Then we headed back to camp for Patrick to have a nap and I just had to join him. So while we napped Jesus went and caught another fish. When everyone else showed up, we went again to see if we could catch anything else. I hooked one but my hook broke off, then Jesus caught 3 more. By the end, I was so frustrated from getting my line tangled and all the annoying kids from other campsites throwing rocks and wading through the water trying to catch fish with their bare hands. I guess I just need more practice. Hey, at least I caught one! Jesus had a great time too, except I was constantly asking his help to fix my line, Im sure he got sick of that. But he enjoyed it the rest of the time.
Patrick had a wonderful time, he loved looking at the fire and all the trees. Since he cant walk yet he spent most of his time in the playpen but it didnt seem to bother him much since he was outside and there was so much to look at.
Patrick slept pretty well too. I was suprised but relieved the first night when he slept all the way through. The second night he woke up around 4 and slept with us the rest of the night, it must have been cold in his bed. All in all we had a good time. The mosquitos were a little rough but we survived and it was tougher with a family of my own to take care of. But we had a great time and the pictures to prove it.

Now if you will allow me, I have to find out what happens to Harry Potter!!!!!


Papa Randy said...

I have to ask if you used crickets. And if you did, who put them on your hook. Now that's a picture I'd pay money to see... Alison putting a cricket on a hook. If you don't wash your hands really well, you can taste the cricket juice. LOL 

Tenille Gates said...

looks like y'all had fuuun!!! wish we were there! your little man is such a cutie pie! i love all the videos of him :0)

jacq said...

your baby is the most perfect and beautiful above all babies. please don't take sar again.