Monday, July 9, 2007

Sweet Land...

Well we didnt have the greatest fourth of July but it was Patricks first so I had to get some good pictures. We got up early and had breakfast then we went over to Mom and dads to enjoy some good barbeque. We invited some people over for swimming and some good eatin' and in the process, Patrick picked up a bug. He woke up from his nap with a 100.4 temperature, which for him was high. The rest of the day we spent giving him tylenol and holding him to keep his fever down. He was so lathargic that it was scary. We all know how absolutely wiggly he is. We finally decided to give him a blessing. Minutes later his temperature was down enough for him to watch a few big fireworks from Mom and Dads country club down the street then he went to bed. It was a great time. We had the Elingers and their little Noah, we had Courtney, Dillan, and Zoie Potter. We had the Cory Randalls and last but not least we had Mandi and Stephen Russell. We all had a good time playing with the kids and talking. Hopefully next year will be better. God Bless America!!!

Here's Patrick showing his patriotism


A classic picture for years to come

Caleb, although naked, loves America too!

I think this picture speaks for itself


Shannon said...

Patrick is such a cutie! We had so much fun the other night. Thanks for having us. I'll be back to see all your updates!