Thursday, July 26, 2007


Ok, so I was able to go to the most awesome thing the night of the 24th. Mom, Sara, Stephanie, Janea and I went to see the Broadway musical Wicked in LA. I have listened to the music on cd but I never new all of the story so it was amazing to finally see the actual thing. It was amazing. It even had Carol Kane in it. She was soooo good. The music was beautiful, the actors were incredible and I couldnt believe I was there. I almost cried at the end. I would go do it again in a heartbeat. So far the only shows I have seen have been, The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, and Riverdance and now I can add Wicked. AWESOME doesnt even say it.


Shannon said...

I went and saw Wicked back in March and loved it as well. I listen to the cd all the time and love the story. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!

Tenille Gates said... so jealous ;0)