Monday, July 16, 2007

Summer Fun Rolls on........

Well we recently got news that Jesus's sister Roxanna and her husband Diego were going to be here from Texas, so we decided to plan a little get together with them and Roseamber's kids, Patricks cousins. We did a little swimming, a little barbeque, and a lot of fun. We got to catch up and they got to meet Patrick for the first time. He loved them!! I should have got a lot more pictures but Im lazy.
Then Sunday we went over to moms for our usual lunch and lay around the house. Patrick and Caleb got to play together, which they havent done for a long time. Now that Patrick can crawl around, he can keep up with Caleb a little better. We watched them for hours, it was great entertainment.
I love this one of Caleb hugging Patrick. Patrick looks like he's going to punch someone.

This last picture is of Cory reading the Sports Section to Caleb. Maybe Caleb will be a fanatic too!