Saturday, August 11, 2007

Growing up and almost 1

Wow, I cant believe that Patrick is almost one! 25 days and the count down begins. I cant believe he has been here for almost year. It has gone by so fast. I was so scared to have a baby and I thought that after the first few months I would have just thrown my hands in the air and said "I just dont know how to do this" but I made it. Now its easy, except for those times that he has blow outs and when he wants to be held all day and I cant get anything done. But I know now to cherish those moments because he is going to be leaving on a mission before I know it and I will hope that I remember all the precious times I had spent with him when he was small. He is now pulling himself up on everything and trying to walk along the furniture while holding on. He sometimes will let go and try to stand on his own, but he is a chicken and will squat down pretty fast so he wont fall down. He also has 8 teeth now and if you try to feel any new ones coming in, he will bite you. Hard. He can now say dog, duck, Momma, Dadda, Papa, Poo Poo (a very important one), occasionally he will make a doggy sound which doesnt sound like a dog at all and he loves to dance. Any song could come on and he will dance to it. Its awesome.


Carla said...

He is SO adorable! He looks like a perfect mix of you and Jesus but then again since you ran off and moved out of our ward I've only seen him like twice lol.